Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Increase the Stability of a Deadbolt

A deadbolt strengthens a door because it bolts deep into a vertical post that forms the side of the door. Strengthen the lock with the following method:
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Alarm Link Allows You To Cut the Cord on Your Home Phone

Alarm Center is dedicated to offering a diverse set of services to accommodate all of our customers' unique needs. While you may be familiar with iAlarm – a recently-added service that provides internet monitoring with smartphone access – you may not be as familiar with our Alarm Link service, which is a cellular transmitter that allows you to be fully monitored without having to maintain a phone line.

Yet, portraying Alarm Link as merely a home phone alternative for our monitored customers is really selling it short. This high-powered cellular communicator is part of a valuable service we are proud to offer that provides a highly reliable monitoring experience, and offers new alternatives to customers that want a little bit more than the standard monitoring setup.

What Is Alarm Link?

Alarm Link Wireless Monitoring is a communications link for our customers who do not have, or would like to get rid of, their home phone service/landline.

The Alarm Link module is wired directly to your alarm panel and allows the alarm system to transmit activity, via the cellular network, to the Central Station. The unit, pictured here, has a back-up battery, so that even in the event of power loss at your home or business - either by intentional (criminal) or accidental (natural) means - your signals will still be received by Central Station.

Alarm Link is also perfect for monitoring locations where phone line access is unavailable, such as warehouses, boathouses, cabins or camps, garages, etc.

But Aren't Cellular Networks Too Flaky To Be Reliable?

We all know our cellular networks can be unreliable even in the best of circumstances. Dropped calls are simply a part of our mobile lives, and we all remember how impossible it was to make a call on our cell phones after the Saints won the Super Bowl or in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It's only natural to wonder if Alarm Link, utilizing a cellular network, would be prone to the same troubles.

It isn't! Alarm Link utilizes a high-powered transmitter making it communicate with a significantly stronger signal than a regular cellular phone signal. In fact, Alarm Link's signal strength is 16 times stronger than that of your typical hand-held cell phone!

Cost Savings!

Many people are disconnecting their home phone services simply to cut down on their monthly expenses. Standard landlines today with features like Caller ID and Call Waiting can cost around $50/month. Even the most stripped-down of home phone service can cost over $20/month. Now that the use of cellular phones and mobile devices are so common in today's society with often every member of a household having at least one, many would agree there is no need to keep a separate landline in the home.

While, in the past, a home phone line was required for a home's alarm system to be monitored, Alarm Link now gives our customers who are trying to save money by "cutting the cord" on their home telephone the ability to still be safe, secure, and fully monitored.

Alarm Link Is Reliable, Stable, & Cost Effective

If you are one of the many households who choose not to maintain a home phone or are considering eliminating your landline, and are interested in learning more about Alarm Link Wireless Monitoring for your home or business, give us a call today at (225) 292-5276 or contact us directly with any Alarm Link queries at

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