Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Locks Aren't Enough to Keep Your Home Safe

Simple is always best, and – unfortunately – breaking into a home can be just that. In fact, two of the most common methods burglars use to gain access to your home are also two of the most simple: kicking in the door and lock-bumping.

Crime statistics tell us that most burglaries occur when a thief simply kicks in your door. Another, less well-known, method is by bumping your lock. The method is simple – a regular key is filed down to trigger the pins in a tumbler lock.  In minutes and with a quick internet search, a thief can learn how to bump a lock, order "bump keys" for as little as $3/key, or even read how to make them himself.

Door kick-ins and lock bumping are simple and, frighteningly, effective. The FBI states 74% of burglars kick-in doors, making this method the most common type of forced entry. Statistics on lock-bumping are hard to come by, as a bumped lock shows no sign of damage or forced entry (often causing headaches for a victimized family trying to prove to their insurance company they have been burglarized!); however, according to Lock, a public service site about the procedure, more than 90% of American doors use an old style cylinder lock which is vulnerable to lock bumping.

The bonus for burglars – and the blow to you – is that both methods take shockingly little time to execute. A thief kicking in your door can be inside your home in less than a second. One utilizing a bump key will gain access in 1 minute or less.

While getting stronger doors and better locks is recommended, it cannot ensure your home's safety. Thieves have many other ways of getting into your home, including using tools to force open doors as well as windows.

The FBI states that a burglar breaks into a home every 15 seconds in the U.S. and that a home with a monitored security system is 2-3 times less likely to be broken into. The only way to guarantee your home's continued safety is by having a fully-monitored alarm system controlled by a key panel – no unreliable doors or locks to be concerned about, no windows that can be forced open without an alarm sounding.

Local Crime Woes

The widely-reported crime wave rocking Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas is not something local residents should take lightly. Of all the crime-related news you do hear about, there is far more that goes unreported. In fact, most burglaries and home break-ins are not reported in the news, but that does not mean they are not happening.

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